6。 In fact, reading others is also reading oneself; while reading truth, goodness and beauty, reading hypocrisy behind sanctity, ugliness behind beauty and cunning behind smile. Reading people, the most important thing is to understand how to be human. Reading people is to be a real person. Therefore, when reading people, we should learn to be tolerant and magnanimous, so that we can read something beneficial to ourselves, noble, happy and happy. A generous person must also be a tolerant person. The mind is as broad as the ocean, and as broad as the sky. The sky is blue, the sea is blue, the heart is brilliant. 2、 Look at people - the world is so bright and mysterious. The road of life is long and short. In a sense, the process of growth is very long, and the process of self destruction is very short. Take a journey, may as well look back, to oneself, to the career is a confession. 1。 Look far: the reason why looking far is important is that you must make mistakes without vision. There is a way: people have no long-term worries, there must be near worries. Looking far is not only a goal, but also a process and a realm. The goal leads to growth, the process is full of life, and the realm improves the image. It is hard for a person who is attracted by the beautiful scenery to see the mountain outside the mountain; it is hard for a person who is bothered by petty profits to see the sky outside the sky. This kind of person often destroys his future in self intoxication, self satisfaction and self indulgence.